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Gold Rush Day

Did you know that the 4th graders plan a Gold Rush Day each year?  What a wonderful way to bring history to life?  They dig for gold, sell their gold so that they can purchase food and buy other goods.  At each station they get to experience history and experience life as a miner during the Gold Rush.

It is such a pleasure to see parents helping out each year and making this day truly memorable.  Way to go Ms. Sarwat for making this happen every year, we must admit, the corn on the cob is delicious!

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The Wax Museum

Using biography in the classroom is both academically valid and a challenging way to encounter new worlds. For teachers, biography and autobiography provide initial entry to the study of periods of time and of places with which there may be little familiarity. For students, it is pleasurable, hardly like work, to learn history by reading the life stories of real people. It makes these people—whether they be monarchs, rulers or common folk who accomplished extraordinary feats –accessible and knowable.

Thank you Ms. Fawzia, Ms. Zainab, and Ms. Fatimah for a wonderful event and your creativity with our students.


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Teacher Collaboration: Self Study

Yes, we’re here at school over the Autumn Break working on learning about our school community.  The questions we’re asking ourselves:  What makes us strong?  What are our areas of growth?  How do we get feedback from our community to serve our students and families better?

This level of dedication is what sets Peace Terrace Academy apart from others, MashaAllah.

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Autumn Festival

Our Autumn Festival was an amazing affair.  MashaAllah what a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!!  Creative games and activities, delicious food, performances, and wonderful vendors made the day extraordinary.

A special thanks goes to Ms. Zolaikha for organizing the event, Ms. Tahira for the fun drawings and to all of our teachers and volunteers for pitching in to make the day memorable.  We would also like to thank our sponsors for the event:  Madina Market, New York Pizza and Kabob,  and Ardenwood Farms.

Games and activities created by teachers and volunteers!

A spectacular show

Chocolate chip cookie contest judging.  Well done Rahmah and Asilah!

Photo booth fun with Joha and his wife Jameela.

Delicious Food and Meeting of Friends

Thank you for joining us.  See you all next year!


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Boys & Knitting

Recent neurological research tends to confirm that mobility and dexterity in the fine motor muscles, especially in the hand, may stimulate cellular development in the brain, and so strengthen the physical foundation of thinking.

“In the Middle Ages, the craft of knitting was introduced alongside weaving and braiding. Although the origins of knitting are obscure, old woodcuts and medieval illuminations place its appearance in Europe at about the same time that the game of chess and the mathematical approach of algebra became known to Westerners. Indeed, among the earliest knitted textiles discovered in Europe are two Islamic-inspired knitted cushions, whose patterns one of whose patterns suggests castles on a chessboard. It is significant that the most intellectual of games and the most cognitive approach to numerical problems accompanied the development or knitting. It was as though a new degree of adeptness in the hand had to go side by side with newly-discovered capacities in the head.”

~Schwartz Eugene