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Class of 2020! What a Year!

Every graduating class at Peace Terrace is very special but this years graduates are truly exceptional. MashaAllah they are all motivated toward acquiring excellence both academically and socially. We are confident that they will all do well in all of their future endeavors.

Through the years we have seen these students cross many milestones that have made us proud and are excited to introduce you to our graduating class of 2020. May Allah subhanahu wa’tala protect them and give them success in this world and in the hereafter.

Here we go…….

Abdullah is one of our Hifdh students at Peace Terrace Academy and he has completed 17 Juz of the Qur’an thus far. Abdullah first arrived at Peace Terrace as a 5th grader and was quick to make friends and get acquainted with his peers. Abdullah is described as an excellent leader by his peers and teachers. He is an excellent athlete and loves sports.

Afsoun began her education journey at Peace Terrace and has flourished during her years at Peace Terrace. She is a 4.0 student and the recipient of the Principal’s Honor Roll. In addition to her academic excellence she displayed excellent character traits that made her beloved to all as she is slow to anger and quick to forgive, mashaAllah. She faces every challenge head on and will inshaAllah find success in all of her endeavors.

Aleena hopes to become a doctor in the future and we have no doubt that with her qualities of being a dedicated student and creative thinker she will reach her goal. In addition to being a 4.0 student and the recipient of the Principal’s Honor Roll award, Aleena made the most goals in last years soccer season. She is kind, compassionate, and hard working and an excellent friend.

Amatalkhaleg is an excellent writer and poet. Her entry in our school-wide poetry contest won second place. Amat is well liked by her peers and has a tendency to play the peace maker role when conflicts arise. She is creative, extremely funny, and compassionate. Amat is not afraid to speak up for the rights of others and recited a beautiful poem that she wrote on Civil Rights Day at the school.

Azhan would always greet his teachers with the full ¨Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuhu.” He is a confident student and would do everything in his own way and was often found creating imaginative games to play with friends. He had a relaxed and low key temperament is loved by his classmates and teachers. When asked about high school, he stated, “I’m both excited and scared!”

Masha´Allah! Ayham always offered to help his classmates with anything they were struggling with. He was a key component to creating a lasting camaraderie amongst the Jr. High boys and offered reflective solutions when conflicts arose. He’s a very polite and kind-hearted young man with excellent leadership skills. He’s engaged in all of his classes and has a great sense of humor.

Bieshtah is kind and compassionate and has an excellent sense of humor. Her friendly nature draws her classmates to her and is helpful in building lasting relationships with her peers. Bieshtah is an excellent team player and has loads of creative and artistic talent. Bieshtah will excel in whatever endeavor she sets her heart to!

Faysal is a true gem of a student masha´Allah! He finished memorizing the Quran and is now a ¨Hafidh¨. Whenever his teachers ask him to do something, he never forgets to say ¨for sure¨. His teachers appreciated his dedication towards excellence especially in his science class. He was also a recipient of the Principal’s Honor Roll Award masha´Allah!

Maryam is a recipient of the Principal’s Honor Roll Award and an excellent student. She is dedicated and motivated to learn and grow. Maryam did not hesitate to take on leadership roles at the school and would often take the lead with confidence and skill. We’re sure that she will excel in high school and beyond.

Mohammed is a well rounded student in every aspect. He is a 4.0 student and the recipient of the Principal’s Honor Roll Award, he is friendly and kind to peers and teachers, and he is an excellent athlete. We’re confident that he’ll excel in all of his future endeavors.

Friendly, respectful, and high achiever are some words that best describe Naima. MashaAllah she is a 4.0 student as well as a recipient of the Principal’s Honor Roll Award. She has matured into a confident and ethical young lady who is not afraid to speak up for the rights of others.

Nasser is always full of energy masha´Allah and is gifted with excellent leadership skills. He loves to play sports and was an excellent addition to our soccer and basketball teams in the last season. He likes to be of help to his classmates and teachers always. He also did an amazing job during distance learning and showed a lot of maturity and responsibility masha´Allah! We wish him the best insha´Allah in his high school experience!

Saaira is a wonderful young woman with a beautiful heart. She’s very artistic and creative and her finished art pieces are always gorgeous. She is also a great leader and team player and works very well with her classmates. She loves to play sports and did an excellent job as our team goalie in the past season. Saaira is very responsible. Wishing her the best in her future insha´Allah!

Sayed is a very kind young man who has been at Peace Terrace for many years. He loves to converse in the Arabic language and takes pride in his Muslim identity. We are confident that Sayed will write the next great American novel as he loves to write and is always creating and discussing fictional characters. Sayed is a great friend and he also likes to spend time with his family and two younger sisters.

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Polishing the Heart

FILM PREMERE: Polishing the Heart

Featuring interviews with many teachers, parents, and scholars including Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Professor Ingrid Mattson, Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad, Dr. Tamara Gray, and many more.

Principal Homaira has worked on this project from the very beginning and has been mentioned in the books as well as interviewed in the film. Currently we are using the program in 3rd and 4th grade and will inshaAllah bring the program to 5th grade in the Fall.

A little inspiration during these difficult times. After a decade of work with a dedicated team of scholars, we see here the project in action worldwide and hear from teachers, parents and children about its transformative impact.



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Gravitas in Education

We thank all of our friends and supporters for joining us on Saturday at our Gravitas in Education Supporters’ Dinner to celebrate education and continue the building of an institution that will withstand the test of time.  Saturday night was truly a blessed night as listened to our esteemed speakers Shaykh Alaudin Elbakri and El Hajj Hisham Mahmoud, watched spectacular performances by our students, and had an opportunity to meet with old friends.

Thank you to our team of staff and volunteers for the beautiful set up.  MashaAllah every detail of the evening was perfect, alhamdulillah!

MashaAllah the silent auction baskets and contributions from local artists brought a sense of delight to the evening.  Thank you to Mahmood and Mubarra of @thegoldenmeem, Jamal Fana, Munira Faizi, and so many more for their contributions to our silent auction.  MashaAllah, a special thanks to Ms. Khawla and Ustdha Mohammed for working with the children in perfecting their recitation of the Qur’an for the evening.

Principal Homaira Wassel welcomes the guests, Ms. Alaa Suliman talks about Service Projects at Peace Terrace and Sr. Dian Alyan of Givelight honors Peace Terrace with a gift for our support of orphans.

Ms. Sarwat’s 4th grade class present a musical about the life of Imam Ghazali bringing tears to the eyes of many of our guests.  They did a fantastic job!!

Shaykh Alaudin Elbakri inspires the crowd with his wisdom and commitment to our vision describing Peace Terrace as a farm, the teachers as farmers, and the students as fruit.

The Peace Terrace Daf Ensemble performed with Amir Ghandi after his solo performance.  Amazing mashaAllah!

Lastly, we were all inspired by El Hajj Hisham Mahmoud’s words enumerating the legacy of many Muslims who contributed to civilization.  May Allah bless everyone who attended and contributed.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to make this event possible especially to all of our staff, faculty, students, and parent volunteers who worked diligently for weeks to help us meet our goals.  A special thanks to our childcare team, Ms. Joyce, Ms. Roohi, Ms. Nadia, and Ms. Mina, may Allah reward you for taking care of the children backstage and during the course of the evening!


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The Autumn Festival

The Autumn Festival is one of the best events at Peace Terrace.  Alhamdulillah we have a wonderful opportunity to get together as a community to have some fun.  We are so grateful to all of the folks who attended and spent their day with us and our team of volunteers who made the event so special.

The Prophet’s (peace and blessings upon him) favorite foods booth was a huge hit among the young and old.  A heart warming experience in this month of Rabi ul awwal.  May Allah increase us in love for our beloved.

Amazing vendors who brought clothing, honey, hijabs, ceramics, jewelry, and so much more.

The world’s best NACHOS, biryani, haleem, pallow, burgers, hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, shaved ice, caramel apples, fruit stand, pizza, a tea & dessert stand, and loads of other treats were shared and enjoyed.

Oh so many fun activities for the whole family!

Photo Booth portraits!

A special thanks to Vice Mayor, Raj Salwan, the Fremont Police Dept, and the Fremont Fire Dept for attending and spending time with the kiddos!

Lastly but not leastly, thank you to all of our volunteers and organizers.  You all are AMAZING & OUTSTANDING!  A special thanks to Ms. Tahira for all of the art work and signs, Ms. Zolaikha & Ms. Nargis for their extraordinary organization & shopping skills!





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The Wax Museum

Using biography in the classroom is both academically valid and a challenging way to encounter new worlds. For teachers, biography and autobiography provide initial entry to the study of periods of time and of places with which there may be little familiarity. For students, it is pleasurable, hardly like work, to learn history by reading the life stories of real people. It makes these people—whether they be monarchs, rulers or common folk who accomplished extraordinary feats –accessible and knowable.

Thank you Ms. Fawzia, Ms. Zainab, and Ms. Fatimah for a wonderful event and your creativity with our students.


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Autumn Festival

Our Autumn Festival was an amazing affair.  MashaAllah what a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!!  Creative games and activities, delicious food, performances, and wonderful vendors made the day extraordinary.

A special thanks goes to Ms. Zolaikha for organizing the event, Ms. Tahira for the fun drawings and to all of our teachers and volunteers for pitching in to make the day memorable.  We would also like to thank our sponsors for the event:  Madina Market, New York Pizza and Kabob,  and Ardenwood Farms.

Games and activities created by teachers and volunteers!

A spectacular show

Chocolate chip cookie contest judging.  Well done Rahmah and Asilah!

Photo booth fun with Joha and his wife Jameela.

Delicious Food and Meeting of Friends

Thank you for joining us.  See you all next year!


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Haji Noor Deen Visits Peace Terrace

It was such a pleasure to host master calligrapher, Haji Noor Deen at Peace Terrace Academy.

Here is a brief excerpt from his website.

Haji Noor Deen’s extraordinary mastery and genius along with his unique ability to spectacularly deliver his craft to an audience has brought him lecture and workshop invitations from some of the most renowned and prestigious institutions around the world, including: Harvard University, Cambridge University, University of California-Berkley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Bukhari Institute and many others. He has delivered lectures on calligraphy at the Islamic College in Zhengzhou, China, and the Zaytuna College in California.