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8th Grade Gala and Iftar

Our 8th Grade Gala is a pretty big deal.  Students and families come dressed up to enjoy an evening of fun, games, and a delicious dinner.

MashaAllah, many parents and volunteers participated in making the evening magical for the students.

Parents helped with decorations, desserts, and much more.



Congrats to this wonderful group of students!  We are looking forward to witnessing your new adventures in high school and beyond!


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Graduation 2017

MashaAllah another year has come to an end and we feel so grateful to have such wonderful, optimistic, and mature graduates.

The stage is set!  The graduates in both the Kindergarten class and 8th Grade are ready!  This is the final moment!

The students arrive, take their seats, and parents and students are addressed by Mr. Yasin Mohammed, Chairman of the School Committee and Principal Homaira.

The Kindergarten students are promoted to 1st Grade!  What a huge milestone they have accomplished.  They will now to known as Ms. Sonia’s Froggies!!!

Honor Roll students Maha and Nafees are recognized by Principal Homaira.

Tasneem is the valedictorian of her class and she gives an impassioned and emotional speech.  MashaAllah all of our graduates will go on to accomplish amazing things in life.  Shaykh Rami addresses our graduates and gives a very inspiring speech about our school motto of Faith, Character, Knowledge, and Community.

The 8th grade students get their promotion certificates!  We are very proud of them for their accomplishments throughout the years.  Many of the students have been at Peace Terrace since Preschool.

A final moment with the graduates where parents, teachers, and family members can take pictures and give shout outs!!

Finally time to celebrate.  We pray for our students and wish them well in High School.  A new adventure awaits them!!  Bismillah……

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Awards Ceremony 2017!!

That last 60 second countdown is perhaps the most waited for minute of the year.  One can see the eager faces of the students as they count down the seconds and yet there is also a sense of sadness in the air!  We won’t see each other for the WHOLE summer!!

However, as we finish off the year we must take time to acknowledge the growth of the students during the year.  Each student gets a special award especially created for them and their personality!

The ceremony begins with the recitation of the Qur’an and Ms. Budoor’s PreSchool class. Adorable comes to mind!

Ms. Roohi’s lovely Pre-Kindergarteners were next.  They are an absolutely delightful bunch of children.  We’re so eager to have them join Kindergarten next year.

Ms. Joyce, Ms. Tahira, and Ms. Nahla’s Kindergarten class!  These lovely children with join our “The Grades’ program next year. Henceforth they will be known as Ms. Sonia’s Froggies!!

The wonderful and brilliant 1st graders from Ms. Sonia and Ms. Nahla’s classes!

These second graders make us beyond Proud!  Ms. Zenab and Ms. Nahla did a wonderful job with them this year!

And here are our rambunctious 3rd graders in Ms. Tasneem, Ms. Kaldia, and Ms. Nahla’s class.

Ms. Sarwat, Ms. Kalida, and Mr. Mohammed’s 4th grade class!  What a talented bunch of kids!

Mr. Hammad’s class is fun, creative, and highly competitive.  This guys will go to Jr. High next year and get LOCKERS!

The AMAZING 6th Graders

Our NEW senior class!

Lastly, our 8th graders!  They are all moving on to High School next year.  We pray for them and wish them the best of both worlds.

Congrats to all of the students, parents, and teachers for another successful year at Peace Terrace Academy!

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Moon Sighting for the Ramadan Moon

Ramadan Mubarak to all of you from all of us at Peace Terrace!

What a blessed evening we’ve had with fellow Peaceterrians at the J.A. Lewis Park in Hayward as many Muslims from the community came together to look for the Ramadan Moon.

The STUNNING Hayward sky!!  Breathtaking!

And meeting old and new friends.  MashaAllah, may the blessings of this month bring us closer, continue to unite our hearts for His sake, and help us to guide our young ones to live lives that are meaningful and full of remembrance of Allah.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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Ramadan Advice from Teachers


“Take a nap during the day even if it’s for one hour, so that you can pray taraweeh.” ~Khala Budoor

“For balanced nutrition, try not to rely solely on Iftar to give you all your nutritional requirements. You can have other light meals before bed time such as low fat yogurt and a whole-wheat cheese sandwich, or some dried fruits and nuts. Not to forget your Suhour that can include a glass of low fat milk, whole wheat bread and some legumes.”  ~Khala Sonia

“Due to your busy last term schedule , if you cannot read Tafseer of the Qur’an, make your best effort to watch Noman Ali khan’s Surah  Baqarah tafseer from last Ramadan. It is very good for junior high students.  Also, introduce animated Quran series by Dar ul Arqam on you tube to young children.”  ~Khala Amera
“Parents: Be patient and make beautiful memories with your friends and family.” ~Khala Fawzia
“Take small but consistent steps at improvement. If you are not in the habit of reading Quran each day, start with a page after each salah. You can  increase it as you get into the habit of reading.”  ~Khala Shabeena
“Understand and help kids understand that Islam is a lot more than praying and fasting. The rights other people have on us are extremely important, hence this Ramadan make a conscious effort to treat others  with respect,kindness,and peace. Forgive the shortcomings of others,so Allah may forgive ours.”  ~Khala Sarwat
 “Be thankful for all the ni’ma Allah has blessed us with and make dua for all the Muslims suffering around the world.”  ~Khala Tasneem
“Ramadan will be remembered by the kids only as special as parents make it!” ~Khala Zainab

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Getting the Soul Ready for Ramadan

It’s almost time for Ramadan and our school-wide theme for the month of May is Getting the Soul Ready for Ramadan.  Teachers started the month by decorating their classrooms with Ramadan reminders, creating unique activities for their students that were age appropriate, and giving their students regular Ramadan reminders.

Today we held our Annual Ramadan Fair.  Students had a chance to learn some Ramadan recopies, do crafts, and some have some fun!!

Our Ramadan Photo Booth.

MashaAllah, so many fun and creative activities.

Thank you to all of the teachers and parent volunteers for making the day special,  InshaAllah look for our moon sighting updates coming soon.