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Popcorn, Cupcakes, and Giving

The 5th grade annual Movie Night is becoming a pretty great tradition around here and we couldn’t be any more proud!  When giving and fun go together everyone wins.  The purpose of the Movie Night each year is to raise funds and awareness for GiveLight Foundation and support their mission of serving orphans in the best manner possible.

The concession stand was ready when parents and students arrived.  Students helped selling snacks, selling tickets, and organizing the event.

The movie that the 5th graders chose was The Secret World of Arriety, a movie based on the book The Borrowers by Mary Norton.

The Children had a wonderful time.  Many of them came with blankets and their pajama’s.  Ready to get to bed after a long evening.  Some fell asleep in the middle of the movie as it usually happens.

Thank you Mr. Khan and the 5th grade class for a beautiful evening.  May you all be blessed.

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Sound Heart, Sound Community

“Your heart is a polished mirror.  You must wipe it clean of the veil of dust that has gathered upon it, because it is destined to reflect the light of divine secrets.”

~Imam Al-Ghazali

We are grateful to all of our friends and parents for attending our annual dinner in support of Peace Terrace Academy.  The night was full of light and love thanks to each of you bringing your GOLDEN hearts for a united cause.

A special thanks to our Fundraising Team for organizing such a wonderful event, our speakers Virginia Gray Henry and Sh. Alauddin El-Bakri for their support, and our amazing teachers for their hard work and dedication to Peace Terrace Academy.

2nd Graders perform a beautiful nasheed about Prophet Muhammed, peace and blessings upon him.

The Painting Heaven Play performed by our Drama Club.

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Winter Town Hall Meeting

When families get together to build a strong community, nothing can get in their way.  Our town hall meetings are a way for us to give our parents updates about the happenings in the school, discuss school improvements and areas of concern, and discuss the annual budget for the following year.

We also had the pleasure of our Science Fair winners presenting their projects to the parents.

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Quest for Knowledge….Science Fair

Today we held our annual Science Fair at the school.  The lower grades worked as class teams as our team of teacher judges toured their classes and viewed their presentations and our Jr. High students participated in individual or team science projects competitions.

Well done to ALL of our students and thank you to our judges; Sr. Fawzia, Sr. Nafisa, and Br. Ayman.  Thank you to our organizing teachers; Sr. Amera and Sr. Shabeena.  May Allah bless you all and increase our students in knowledge and light!

The lower grade presentations from Kindergarten and 1st grade!  MashaAllah!


Jr. High presentations and judging

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Family Paint Day

When a group of people get together with an intention, they can have amazing things happen.  In this case a fun and engaging community events that supports our, Peace Terrace Academy.

A win, win situation for everyone!

Preparations for the day included a delicious lunch, baby sitting, and a set up that was ready to go!

The younger children had their own space to paint the day away.  They painted a beautiful tree painting with Sr. Arshia.  Thank you teachers and parent volunteers for making this such a special treat.

Painting session with Sr. Tahira, our resident artist!

There were friends, couples, families, children, parents, grandparents ….mashaAllah.  What a wonderful day to spend they day!  j

Thank you Nada, Amnah, Siely, Rim, Vendula, and Munaza!  Thank you to our wonderful teachers Tahira and Arshia!  May you all be blessed for volunteering your time and giving back to our community!




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Who Was Imam al-Ghazali

Once we began teaching the Book of Knowledge for children, the students began to ask us; who is Imam Ghazali?  We were very grateful that Fons Vitae had also published a complementary book: Al-Ghazali.

The book describes the biography of Imam Ghazali.  The students were truly enthralled by his story; especially the part about the bandits!!

Here is a short excerpt from the introduction by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf in the Book of Knowledge:

What the scholars meant when they called Imam al-Ghazali the “Proof of Islam” was simply that he had tested the practices in Islam and proved for himself that they were true.  In other words, those practices had the effects that the Qur’an said they would have for people who practiced the commands of the Quran.  For example, if you believe in God, then God will be enough proof for you.  If you pray, and if your prayers are reasonable, sooner or later they will be answered.

To learn more about the program and how to incorporate it in your classroom or child’s life join us at our annual supporters’ dinner at the Fremont Marriott on February 12th at 5PM.



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Let Your Golden Heart Shine

One of the first lessons in the Al Ghazali Children’s Book of Knowledge is the concept of the GOLDEN HEART!  The students learn about how they can get a golden heart by taking care of their heart through good actions.

In this activity students painted a Golden Heart to represent their GOLDEN HEARTS and we discussed things that lead to a sound heart.  Here are some of their thoughts:

  • help others
  • being good to our parents
  • listening to our teachers
  • sharing with others
  • praying our prayers on time
  • getting knowledge
  • being kind to brothers or sisters
  • reading
  • learning hadith
  • not wasting our time

The list goes on, mashaAllah.

Our 3rd graders have benefited from this program immensely and we are eager to share more of our adventures with this curriculum with you.  Look for more posts in the coming days.

To learn more about the program join us at our annual supporters dinner where the publisher of the series Virginia Gray Henry will share more insights about the program.