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Our Student Council are a group of students who come together each year to represent the student body at Peace Terrace Academy.  This year there was quite a bit of interest in in all of the positions available.

Winning Votes:  Students made posters that adorned our hallways, gave speeches, and spent quality time with students to try and win votes.

Voting Day:  Students from each grade got a chance to vote for their favorite candidate.

The BIG announcement everyone was waiting for.  Lots of excitement in the air!!


….aaand we present the 2017-2018 Student Council…..


Student Council Advisor:  Ms. Fawzia  ~Jr. High Social Studies

President:  Maryam B. ~6th Grade

Vice-President:  Safa M.  ~7th Grade

Treasurer:  AbduRahman A. ~7th Grade

Secretary:  Idris M.  ~7th Grade

We are looking forward to an exciting year!!


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