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Graduation 2017

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MashaAllah another year has come to an end and we feel so grateful to have such wonderful, optimistic, and mature graduates.

The stage is set!  The graduates in both the Kindergarten class and 8th Grade are ready!  This is the final moment!

The students arrive, take their seats, and parents and students are addressed by Mr. Yasin Mohammed, Chairman of the School Committee and Principal Homaira.

The Kindergarten students are promoted to 1st Grade!  What a huge milestone they have accomplished.  They will now to known as Ms. Sonia’s Froggies!!!

Honor Roll students Maha and Nafees are recognized by Principal Homaira.

Tasneem is the valedictorian of her class and she gives an impassioned and emotional speech.  MashaAllah all of our graduates will go on to accomplish amazing things in life.  Shaykh Rami addresses our graduates and gives a very inspiring speech about our school motto of Faith, Character, Knowledge, and Community.

The 8th grade students get their promotion certificates!  We are very proud of them for their accomplishments throughout the years.  Many of the students have been at Peace Terrace since Preschool.

A final moment with the graduates where parents, teachers, and family members can take pictures and give shout outs!!

Finally time to celebrate.  We pray for our students and wish them well in High School.  A new adventure awaits them!!  Bismillah……

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