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Popcorn, Cupcakes, and Giving

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The 5th grade annual Movie Night is becoming a pretty great tradition around here and we couldn’t be any more proud!  When giving and fun go together everyone wins.  The purpose of the Movie Night each year is to raise funds and awareness for GiveLight Foundation and support their mission of serving orphans in the best manner possible.

The concession stand was ready when parents and students arrived.  Students helped selling snacks, selling tickets, and organizing the event.

The movie that the 5th graders chose was The Secret World of Arriety, a movie based on the book The Borrowers by Mary Norton.

The Children had a wonderful time.  Many of them came with blankets and their pajama’s.  Ready to get to bed after a long evening.  Some fell asleep in the middle of the movie as it usually happens.

Thank you Mr. Khan and the 5th grade class for a beautiful evening.  May you all be blessed.

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