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Family Paint Day

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When a group of people get together with an intention, they can have amazing things happen.  In this case a fun and engaging community events that supports our, Peace Terrace Academy.

A win, win situation for everyone!

Preparations for the day included a delicious lunch, baby sitting, and a set up that was ready to go!

The younger children had their own space to paint the day away.  They painted a beautiful tree painting with Sr. Arshia.  Thank you teachers and parent volunteers for making this such a special treat.

Painting session with Sr. Tahira, our resident artist!

There were friends, couples, families, children, parents, grandparents ….mashaAllah.  What a wonderful day to spend they day!  j

Thank you Nada, Amnah, Siely, Rim, Vendula, and Munaza!  Thank you to our wonderful teachers Tahira and Arshia!  May you all be blessed for volunteering your time and giving back to our community!




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