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Why Face Coverings (Masks)?

  • By order of the Public Health Officer of Alameda County and mandate of the California Department of Public Health, the public, with limited exemptions, must wear a face covering outside of home.
  • Face coverings, in combination with distancing, hand hygiene, and staying home when ill, are key to reducing transmission and spread of the SARS-CoV2 virus that causes COVID-19. They help prevent or reduce the transmission of airborne droplets and aerosols that may contain the virus when exhaling, speaking, or coughing.
  • All students, parents, employees, contractors and visitors are required to wear face coverings on campus at all times unless specifically approved otherwise by an appropriate administrator, health office member or supervisor of students.

What DOES Qualify as a Face Covering?

  • A disposable or reusable mask or neck gaiter.
  • A double/triple layer of cloth, fabric, or other soft materials without holes (clear plastic inserts ok) that covers from the bridge of the nose to the mouth and under the chin of the wearer at all times.
  • Filtration (also illustrated by amount of light visible through fabric) influences effectiveness. Less light visible means tighter weave and more effective filtration. Cotton or fabric with higher thread count, tightness of weave, and multiple layers are more effective. Specific combinations of different fabrics have also shown to increase effectiveness of a face coverings filtration. See resources listed below for more information.
  • Snug but comfortable fit, not requiring frequent adjustments or touching of covering and face, and allowing comfortable breathing.
  • Can be purchased or self-made.

What DOES NOT qualify as a Face Covering? 

  • Medical grade masks (N95s) are not necessary for the public; please reserve for health care providers and emergency responders.
  • A face shield does not qualify as a face covering. Face shields can be used in addition to, not instead of, a face covering. • A mask with a one-way valve to facilitate easy exhaling (breathing out) does not qualify as protecting others as it does not filter droplets from the wearer when speaking, coughing, or breathing.

• Bandanas or scarves that have an open end at the neck allow for transmission of droplets and do not qualify as a face covering.

Other Face Covering Need to Knows

  • Purchase and try several reusable face coverings. Check for fit, comfort, and aesthetic appeal (designs, images, or words should be appropriate for school). Have at least one back-up with you on campus. Wash used ones regularly. Keep clean ones separate from used ones using a plastic bag, paper bag or equivalent.
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after using your face covering. Practice removing your face covering by the ear loops/straps to avoid touching the front on removal. 
  • Reusable face coverings should be laundered or hand washed daily. 
  • Practice using your face covering early and often including for extended periods of time. Begin practicing now so that you are prepared for the return to campus. We will provide regular, safe, face covering breaks during the day at school.
  • Disposable masks will be available on campus if you lose, forget, or damage your own.
  •  If obtaining face coverings for school is a hardship in any way, please contact

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Return to Schoo/Work Onsite Guidelines


  1. Please stay home if you are/have been:

• symptomatic/sick within the last 24 hours (see Health Screening Questionnaire)

• tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting a test result

tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days without two subsequent negative tests at least 24 hours apart

in close contact with anyone who has been tested for COVID-19 and is awaiting test results

in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days without two subsequent negative tests at least 24 hours apart

Before coming to campus, conduct your own temperature check and health screening DAILY (see Health Screening Questionnaire). This form is available online on your home page and onsite). This questionnaire can be completed and acknowledged online before you arrive on campus or completed onsite online or in paper form. In addition, by coming to and being on campus, you agree to be subject to additional onsite screening for symptoms / illness at any time during your time on campus.

Report positive COVID-19 tests or possible exposure as soon as possible to 

  1. Currently, only employees (Peace Terrace Academy and contracted) and students (as permitted by county and state guidelines) are allowed on campus. Parents and caregivers, other than for drop off and pick up, and visitors will generally not be permitted, except with permission of an authorized administrator. Parents and visitors will be screened according to the protocols referenced above before or at arrival.
  1. Everyone on campus must check in on arrival and check out at departure. A daily record will be maintained of everyone onsite. Campus hours will be posted and enforced.
  1. Maintain physical distancing of at least six feet from others while on campus. 
  2. A mask or face covering must be worn at all times on campus in public and shared spaces, indoors or outdoors. Limited exceptions may include using private offices, meeting rooms, or classrooms alone behind closed doors for all or substantially all of the day as well as eating lunch, hydrating, or taking periodic mask breaks outdoors while complying with appropriate distancing and socializing guidelines. The mask or face covering must completely cover the nose, mouth, and chin. Avoid touching your eyes, face, and face covering. Practice good hand hygiene while putting on, adjusting, or removing your face covering.
  1. Wash hands regularly with soap and water (20 seconds) and/or use hand sanitizer. You will be expected to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer on arrival to campus, following the check in process, and throughout the day as needed (for example, before and after eating, after using the restroom, before and after removing or reapplying your face covering).
  1. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces regularly and limit or avoid the use of shared objects. Disinfecting wipes and disposable gloves are available. Wash hands thoroughly after using shared objects. Dispose of used cleaning supplies.
  1. Minimize group gatherings/meetings. Gatherings must allow for appropriate physical distancing of 6 feet between all participants and comply with all other guidelines herein.
  1. Be flexible and expect changes to these guidelines. Updates will be posted regularly. 

Our operations staff are cleaning and sanitizing all spaces, equipment, and high touch surfaces daily during and after regular hours of operation. They are also maintaining air filters and purifiers as well as air handlers, ventilation and circulation systems, windows, and doors to promote outside fresh airflow in indoor facilities. They are also maintaining outdoor facilities to maximize their availability and use on campus. If assistance is needed with any of the aforementioned, please contact

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact

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Health & Safety Plan: Covid Testing


Should I Get Tested?

If you are sick or have signs or symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or are asymptomatic but have had recent contact with a known case of, or suspected exposure to, COVID-19, please stay home and contact your healthcare provider for guidance. Your healthcare provider may recommend testing based on your symptoms and/or exposure risk.

If you do not have a healthcare provider or health care insurance, contact your local or county health department/hospital for advice and available resources for care and testing.

If a test is required for work/school, contact your healthcare provider for guidance.

Types of COVID-19 Testing

There are multiple types of testing for COVID-19. Options continue to evolve depending on when and where you are and evolving availability of tests and test supplies at particular sites. Most tests are administered at health care facilities or designated testing sites. Most tests are administered by trained professionals. Some tests are self-administered. There are also increasing options for at-home self-administered tests. Tests may have different efficacy rates – including false positive and false negative results – and take varying time to process results, generally ranging from one to five days but also shorter and longer periods of time. Costs and insurance coverage may vary, but testing should be available without cost at most sites. In all cases, please follow the guidance of your health care provider.

  • Viral tests for current/active infection. Primarily done via a swab into your nose or a saliva test, test results are generally available within one to five days. A positive test result means active infection while a negative test result means not infected at the time of testing but does not mean you cannot get sick.
  • Antibody tests for past/previous infection. This test involves collecting a sample of blood-usually collected via a finger prick sample. Test results can be obtained in minutes. Antibody testing does not indicate a current infection. It is still unclear if having antibodies to the virus can protect you from getting infected again or how long that protection might last.

Testing should not be done in place of staying home when sick, practicing physical distancing, wearing a face covering, and good hand hygiene.

How or Where Do I Get Tested? 

Contact your healthcare provider, local hospital, county health department or an urgent care center about how to access testing. Whoever you contact will be able to explain the testing process and provide information on where and how to arrange testing. Consult your health plan/insurance regarding out-of-pocket/copay fees and plan approved/in-network testing sites. Testing sites may require an appointment and a physician’s order before testing-check with the site for specific requirements.

Below is a list of resources and testing sites in the Bay Area; this list is not a recommendation or exhaustive but includes a variety of options for testing.

Testing Sites By County

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On Site School Plan

It is unclear yet if schools can reopen safely on campus for the Fall Semester, however, the staff and teachers after ??


The goal over the past two weeks has been to discuss the following questions in detail.

  • How to keep our students, staff, and faculty safe at school?
  • How to optimize our space and time?
  • How to deliver & redesign a strong and engaging curriculum during these uncertain times?


Personal Protection:

  • Face Masks & Face Shields
  • Handwashing stations at each outdoor entrance
  • Hand sanitizing stations at each classroom door
  • Temperature Checks in the morning at home and upon arrival
  • Plastic barriers at office Desks

Social Modifications for Students:

  • Schedule Changes with elementary grades joining in hybrid sessions while ECE and Jr. High students learn on campus fully
  • Distancing in the classrooms as much as possible
  • Individual book and supply bins for each student
  • Reducing on-campus interaction by
    • Reducing the school day
    • Lunch and prayer at home
    • Physical Education (off-campus; personal logs to be maintained by families)
  • No large gatherings or events such as school-wide events, school   assemblies, multi-class workshops, 
  • Parent/Teacher conferences & open houses to be held virtually.  Parents can still request 1-1 meetings.
  • Open classroom doors & windows to allow for air circulation

Disinfecting Practices & Cleanliness:

  • Daily disinfecting of all common surfaces, bathrooms & door handles
  • Additional janitorial hours to accommodate the needs of the school
  • School grade janitorial supplies and products that disinfect

Parents as Partners:

  • Recognize that you are an important aspect of the safety of the entire school and that the situation is ever-changing 
  • Teach your child about Covid-19 and talk about safety
  • Practice proper handwashing techniques & mouth/nose hygiene
  • Check your child’s temperature at home and keep them at home if their temperature is above 100.4.  They can log into the classroom live portal
  • Do not send your child to school if you have traveled, been exposed to COVID, or if your child or anyone at home has symptoms; immediately inform the school
  • Familiarize yourself with the new practices and policies
  • Communicate your concerns with the school administration 


Schoolwide Academic Modifications:

  • Move to a semester-based schedule rather than a trimester-based one
  • Built-in Student Progress Review time with parents & students
  • Standard-based grading with reduced emphasis on homework
  • Emphasis on deep learning and development of mastery of concepts
  • Strong reliance on formative assessments on a daily/weekly basis


Space Modifications:

  •  ECE divided into 4 sections with a teacher for each section and on-site 5 days a week
  • 1st-5th Grade divided into A & B sections with hybrid sessions.  
    • Section A:  M/W & Alternating Friday on site
    • Section B:  T/Th & Alternating Friday on site
  • Jr. High in assigned classrooms and larger classrooms allowing for space in between students

All recess & outdoor activities will be in assigned locations for each grade.  Grades will not interact at this time.

Sample Early Childhood Education Schedule: 

8:00AM-8:30AMMorning Routine: No touch temperature checks, hand washing…etc.
08:30AM – 9:00AMCircle Time
9:00AM-10:00AMPhonics & Language
10:00AM – 10:30AMSNACK BREAK
10:30AM – 12:00PMMath & Numeracy
12:00PM – 12:30PMQur’an/Arabic/Islamic Studies
12:30PMHalf Day Dismissal
01:30PM – 2:00PMScience/Social Studies
02:00PMFull-Day Dismissal

Sample Schedule for Grades 1-5 (Subject to changes as needed)

Arrival8:00AM-8:30AMMorning Routine
1st08:30AM – 10:00AMLanguage Arts
10:00AM – 10:25AMBREAK
2nd10:30AM – 12:00PMMath
3rd12:05PM – 12:50PMSocial Studies / Science
4th12:55PM – 01:30PMQuran / Arabic
5th01:30PM – 2:00PMIslamic Studies/Art

Sample Schedule for Jr. High Students (Subject to changes as needed)

Arrival07:45AM – 08:00AMMorning Routine
1st08:15M – 09:15AMLanguage Arts
2nd09:20AM – 10:20AMMath
3rd10:25AM – 11:25AMSocial Studies / Science
11:30AM – 12:00PMBREAK
4th12:05PM – 01:00PMQuran / Arabic
5th01:05PM – 01:55PMIslamic Studies / Elective 

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Class of 2020! What a Year!

Every graduating class at Peace Terrace is very special but this years graduates are truly exceptional. MashaAllah they are all motivated toward acquiring excellence both academically and socially. We are confident that they will all do well in all of their future endeavors.

Through the years we have seen these students cross many milestones that have made us proud and are excited to introduce you to our graduating class of 2020. May Allah subhanahu wa’tala protect them and give them success in this world and in the hereafter.

Here we go…….

Abdullah is one of our Hifdh students at Peace Terrace Academy and he has completed 17 Juz of the Qur’an thus far. Abdullah first arrived at Peace Terrace as a 5th grader and was quick to make friends and get acquainted with his peers. Abdullah is described as an excellent leader by his peers and teachers. He is an excellent athlete and loves sports.

Afsoun began her education journey at Peace Terrace and has flourished during her years at Peace Terrace. She is a 4.0 student and the recipient of the Principal’s Honor Roll. In addition to her academic excellence she displayed excellent character traits that made her beloved to all as she is slow to anger and quick to forgive, mashaAllah. She faces every challenge head on and will inshaAllah find success in all of her endeavors.

Aleena hopes to become a doctor in the future and we have no doubt that with her qualities of being a dedicated student and creative thinker she will reach her goal. In addition to being a 4.0 student and the recipient of the Principal’s Honor Roll award, Aleena made the most goals in last years soccer season. She is kind, compassionate, and hard working and an excellent friend.

Amatalkhaleg is an excellent writer and poet. Her entry in our school-wide poetry contest won second place. Amat is well liked by her peers and has a tendency to play the peace maker role when conflicts arise. She is creative, extremely funny, and compassionate. Amat is not afraid to speak up for the rights of others and recited a beautiful poem that she wrote on Civil Rights Day at the school.

Azhan would always greet his teachers with the full ¨Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuhu.” He is a confident student and would do everything in his own way and was often found creating imaginative games to play with friends. He had a relaxed and low key temperament is loved by his classmates and teachers. When asked about high school, he stated, “I’m both excited and scared!”

Masha´Allah! Ayham always offered to help his classmates with anything they were struggling with. He was a key component to creating a lasting camaraderie amongst the Jr. High boys and offered reflective solutions when conflicts arose. He’s a very polite and kind-hearted young man with excellent leadership skills. He’s engaged in all of his classes and has a great sense of humor.

Bieshtah is kind and compassionate and has an excellent sense of humor. Her friendly nature draws her classmates to her and is helpful in building lasting relationships with her peers. Bieshtah is an excellent team player and has loads of creative and artistic talent. Bieshtah will excel in whatever endeavor she sets her heart to!

Faysal is a true gem of a student masha´Allah! He finished memorizing the Quran and is now a ¨Hafidh¨. Whenever his teachers ask him to do something, he never forgets to say ¨for sure¨. His teachers appreciated his dedication towards excellence especially in his science class. He was also a recipient of the Principal’s Honor Roll Award masha´Allah!

Maryam is a recipient of the Principal’s Honor Roll Award and an excellent student. She is dedicated and motivated to learn and grow. Maryam did not hesitate to take on leadership roles at the school and would often take the lead with confidence and skill. We’re sure that she will excel in high school and beyond.

Mohammed is a well rounded student in every aspect. He is a 4.0 student and the recipient of the Principal’s Honor Roll Award, he is friendly and kind to peers and teachers, and he is an excellent athlete. We’re confident that he’ll excel in all of his future endeavors.

Friendly, respectful, and high achiever are some words that best describe Naima. MashaAllah she is a 4.0 student as well as a recipient of the Principal’s Honor Roll Award. She has matured into a confident and ethical young lady who is not afraid to speak up for the rights of others.

Nasser is always full of energy masha´Allah and is gifted with excellent leadership skills. He loves to play sports and was an excellent addition to our soccer and basketball teams in the last season. He likes to be of help to his classmates and teachers always. He also did an amazing job during distance learning and showed a lot of maturity and responsibility masha´Allah! We wish him the best insha´Allah in his high school experience!

Saaira is a wonderful young woman with a beautiful heart. She’s very artistic and creative and her finished art pieces are always gorgeous. She is also a great leader and team player and works very well with her classmates. She loves to play sports and did an excellent job as our team goalie in the past season. Saaira is very responsible. Wishing her the best in her future insha´Allah!

Sayed is a very kind young man who has been at Peace Terrace for many years. He loves to converse in the Arabic language and takes pride in his Muslim identity. We are confident that Sayed will write the next great American novel as he loves to write and is always creating and discussing fictional characters. Sayed is a great friend and he also likes to spend time with his family and two younger sisters.

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Kindergarten Graduation

The kindergarten class GRADUATES of 2019-2020 are very special mashaAllah. 2019-2020 was a very memorable school year for us all for so many reasons and we will miss our students over the summer. Looking forward to seeing them in 1st grade next year! Thank you to all of our parents and teachers for creating a special celebration for our students.

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Poetry Contest Winners

April being poetry month and the time frame that propelled us into distance learning, we thought it might be a fantastic idea to have the students write poetry about their quarantine experience.  Our fabulous students did not disappoint and quickly sent in their submission to our Poetry Contest.  It was loads of fun to read them and we’re excited to post them here for you to read.  Enjoy!

Category:  1st and 2nd Grade

1st Place: Huda Silmi


I am sad today
I can not go out to play
I miss my friends
I miss my teachers
Even morning assembly
Hoping to go back to school
To see my classmates
And have fun in art class
I will wait and wait
–Huda Silmi–

2nd Place:  Sumayyah Sadreddin

“Something Happened”

Something happened over night.
When I woke up my dad told me that school was cancelled.
I was very sad.
Last night I was so excited for school.
Now I’m sad.
Then my whole family told me to stay 6 feet away.

3rd Place:  Naya Karabala

“I lost my friends!”

I lost my friends
Oh I’m as sad as can be
I reached my sadness
Oh I can’t be a friend
Oh I can’t forget this day
But I have my silly Dad,
My favorite Mom,
And my little fun brother
I didn’t know it’s very fun to be with my family

Category:  3rd-5th Grade

1st Place:  Ayesha Hamidi

“Covid-19 will go away”

They are keeping me away
from my friends when I want to play
All they say is Covid-19 is on its way
and to stay 6 feet away
Covid-19 always ruined my day
and I have to stay and pray that it goes away
It hurts my soul every time a heart dies
The doctors try their best to stay alive and identify
every women and guy
Covid-19 makes me cry every time I have to say goodbye
But don’t lose hope
because the doctors used a microscope
and made an envelope
that has a vaccine that will work like soap
and wipe Covid-19 off the end of the rope

2nd Place:  Tamr Atawneh


An outbreak, an epidemic, a pandemic, a contagion.
all very bad things,
they all start by an infection,
and the whole world goes crazy.
With the coronavirus, everyone is exposed,
with the virus out there, what we are doing
is not what we supposed…
outbreaks happen…we don’t treat them
contagions occur……….

3rd Place:  Sereen Ibrahim

“Together as a global community”

Together as a globe
we can work to defeat
the coronavirus and its
catastrophe. When we work
together as a team. We can
almost defeat anything.
So what do you say will you
stop the fight and do whats

Category:  6th-8th Grade

1st Place:  Nuh Ovaice

“The End is unclear”

As soon as we start the new year
all around our sphere
Corona was here,
We have to pause our careers
And learn how to adjust to new fears
I often reflect that this may be our greeds souvenir
Did we take for granted which once was near
Something so small, shaped like a crown
Brought the earth to a frown
However we must persevere
Reading the news brings me tears for who had disappeared
I hope I am sincere
This is so severe,
I hope this never reappears
the end is near, yet unclear.

2nd Place:  Amatalkhaleq Almaghaf

“The Beast”

Dear children, come here
I urge you not to fear
As I tell you the story of a beast
Who looked day and night for a feast

He came when I was only a teen
Forced us all into quarantine

We were informed to stay home
Not even to school can we go
Yet some would still roam
Then became the beast’s foe

Slowly some noticed symptoms
Soon after, they became victims
Our lives were in danger
Because of this stranger

Not all hope was lost
However, some lives were the cost
The whole world would pray
For this unwelcome visitor to go away
But it seemed that he was there to stay

During these times,
The true heroes shone through
As the beast commit crimes
In the shape of a flu

Slowly but surely
The beast grew weak
As our heroes protected the world securely
An antidote they would seek

After a while, the beast’s signs were cleared
We looked carefully, but there weren’t any
Suddenly, he had disappeared
After taking so many

People searched far and near
But there was nothing else to fear
The beast, Corona, was gone
And everyone moved on

As I said, my dear youngsters
There is no need to panic
For there is no longer such monsters
This was a long-gone pandemic

3rd Place:  Hawa Asefi

“This summer”

This summer will change
Though we are in quarantine
We still follow, same routine
And though we go to school
And we can’t go to the pool
We still stay strong everyday
Though we know this will end one day
The world will be more careful
And will be more resourceful
Knowing this won’t happen again
So we don’t stay in a den
And if this happens once more
We know we won’t ignore
So we stay safe
Knowing we will have a better life
So we don’t spread
What has come to dread
In many places, it has affected
As it was not expected
With many people dying
And trying
To fight this disease back
So the city doesn’t go black

This summer will change
No sleepovers
No swimming
No trips
But more baking
And lots of painting
So this summer will not be all bad
Because we have each other
And that’s what matters

A special thanks to our librarian and literacy coach, Ms. Joyce for organizing the contest and to all of the students who submitted their writing!


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Polishing the Heart

FILM PREMERE: Polishing the Heart

Featuring interviews with many teachers, parents, and scholars including Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Professor Ingrid Mattson, Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad, Dr. Tamara Gray, and many more.

Principal Homaira has worked on this project from the very beginning and has been mentioned in the books as well as interviewed in the film. Currently we are using the program in 3rd and 4th grade and will inshaAllah bring the program to 5th grade in the Fall.

A little inspiration during these difficult times. After a decade of work with a dedicated team of scholars, we see here the project in action worldwide and hear from teachers, parents and children about its transformative impact.



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Lower Grades Arabic Day

MashaAllah Ms. Nahla and her Arabic classes did a phenomenal job with beautiful performances and songs.

The Kindergarten class sang a beautiful alphabet song.  MashaAllah each student represented a different letter and their pronunciation was impeccable.  Good Job!

First graders performed an Arabic version of Cinderella.

Second grade presented a song and a play about the rights of parents, mashaAllah.

MashaAllah, third grade presented several plays and a song about Muslim Unity.  May Allah bless them and increase them in knowledge.

Lastly, a special thanks to Ms. Nahla for her hard work and dedication to our Arabic Program.